Spare Tyre Cover Artwork Specs
Setting up your artwork for the highest quality result.

If you prefer to supply your own art please follow these guidelines below.

  • Vector PDF art with any text converted to outlines.
  • Any images/photos need to be between 70dpi and 150dpi at full size.
  • CMYK only. (RGB or others can create undesirable results)
    If you need to match specific colours either a Pantone PMS colour or hard copy swatch will be required. We cannot match colours from images on screen.
  • Size should be the diameter of the face of the spare tyre cover plus 10mm bleed. Please contact us to determine your exact wheel diameter from the tyre code (eg. 265/70R 16)

Please contact us if you have further queries on artwork for your custom spare tyre cover.

4wd with spare tyre cover artwork in a high quality design