Custom Spare Wheel Cover Designs

Spare Wheel Covers
Custom designed for your tyre

Why advertise someone else's business when you can personalise your spare wheel cover or advertise your own business? can professionally design and manufacture your custom spare wheel cover.

Custom Spare Wheel Covers

Spare Tyre Cover Designs

Stock Design Tyre Covers
Many designs to choose from

Choose from our great range of pre-designed spare tyre covers. Choose from fishing, 4x4, humour, animal, lifestyle and many other designs. All covers are custom manufactured to your tyre size. This ensures a perfect fit for your 4x4 or caravan spare tyre.

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Caravan Spare Wheel Covers and Bulk Orders for Dealers

Bulk Orders
Caravan and 4wd dealers

Our wheel covers are an inexpensive and high impact marketing and promotional tool for business. We specialise in large order runs for caravan, camper and 4x4 dealers, accessory shops and any business or club that needs inexpensive, durable advertising.

Trade & Bulk Wheel Covers

4wd Wheel Covers and Caravan Tyre Cover Designs

Protect, promote and personalise your 4wd or caravan with a custom spare wheel cover. Tyre covers are a great way of promoting your business and products or to personalise your vehicle or caravan. We can incorporate any logo, picture, text or any other design you like in full colour, sure to catch the eye of viewers. Our designer can layout and design a professional custom spare wheel cover for you, or you can send us the art in the correct format and we can manufacture direct from your designs. We also have many pre-designed tyre covers if you would like something from our range.

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Spare Wheel Covers for Promotional and Marketing

  • Advertise your own business, not someone else's.
  • Custom 4wd Spare Wheel Covers are a highly effective and inexpensive marketing tool for business, both big and small.
  • Huge discounts on orders of more than one. Great for mass marketing or fleet vehicle advertising. Ask about our bulk order spare wheel covers.
  • We offer Digital or Screen printed spare tyre covers. We will help you decide what is the most cost effective or best suited to your requirements.
  • Made from high quality UV treated marine vinyls with strong speciality inks.
  • Great Christmas of birthday gifts for the 4WD or caravan owner with everything!
  • Makes a great 4x4 accessory to enhance the look of your vehicle.
  • Superior quality Australian Made product. Read about our wheel covers

Custom Cover Sizes Our soft wheel covers are custom sized to suit YOUR tyre, which ensures a great looking cover with a perfect fit. Our hard case wheel covers come in various sizes to suit many wheel sizes.

Customer Reviews

The cover fit beautifully and the design looks fabulous. Thank you for your fast service and great work.
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FAQ's and other info on spare wheel covers

Benefits for business
Spare wheel covers are an inexpensive business advertising medium. Whether it is to advertise your business and products or part of a bigger marketing campaign. Read more about Benefits for Business

How durable are the covers?
Your spare tyre cover will be made from high quality durable marine vinyl. This is both UV and FR resistant. Read more about Spare Wheel Cover Durability

How to install your spare tyre cover
Installing your custom vinyl spare tyre cover is simple and following these simple instructions will help you get the best look and avoid any problems that might occur. Read how to Install your Spare Tyre Cover

Do covers really give any protection?
We often get asked this and it is not a simple yes or no answer. Overall a spare wheel cover will give longer term protection from UV and general weather. Read more about Spare Tyre Protection

Caravan and Camper Spare Tyre Covers
Our spare wheel covers are made to suit any tyre size including covers for caravans, campers and SUV's. Simply give us your tyre code and we size it to suit your caravan. Read more about Caravan Spare Wheel Covers

Stock Design Spare Wheel Covers
We have a huge range of pre-designed spare wheel covers. Check them out... Pre-Designed Spare Wheel Covers. If you prefer you can view our complete list of cover designs.